Drawing the names

These are a bit late, but here is Elisha from FORM choosing names of the first recipients of the brooches. It’s great we’ve heard from one of the custodians and now we’re really looking forward to hearing from the other two!

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2 Responses to Drawing the names

  1. cherabin says:

    Well it’s been a few weeks since I received my brooch – I was lucky enough to be drawn out of the hat and it was with pleasure that I received the Oregano brooch. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece of jewellery and I love the way it feels when you trace the leaves. It’s quite a heavy piece and goes best with straight black.
    Just like Vicki, it’s creator, oregano was one of the first plants we bought from Bunnings too last year and aside from the odd watering it has thrived. A sturdy little plant.
    So I live in WA and unfortunately am suffering the trials of moving house into a rental as we’ve sold ours and now bought a block of land near the beach. Change is afoot.
    I’m looking forward to voting this weekend and am very interested in the outcome. I noticed Julia Gillard has been quoted as being keen for a republic but only once the Queen’s reign is over. Interesting.
    Anyway, I’ve worn the brooch a bit and it garners a lot of comments which lead me to explain the concept of the broaching change project.
    I will be sad to pass it on, but that’s the whole point of the project and it will be interesting to see where the journey takes it.

  2. Vicki Mason says:

    Hi Cherabin, I’ve posted a reply under the Oregano section. Vicki

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