Care instructions for brooches

These materials may have been used in your piece: PVC and sometimes hand-dyed PVC, powder coated brass, steel, some works have nylon, rayon, viscose or polyester thread.

  • Please do not wear any brooch in the shower or immerse in water.
  • Keep perfumes, cosmetics and chemicals away from the plastic part of your piece as they can cause deterioration of the plastic elements.
  • Do not leave jewel in direct sunlight as this can cause fading of plastic.
  • If transporting the brooch be careful not to squash its plastic parts as these can become deformed. If plastic becomes bent, push plastic back into shape with care. Wash hands to avoid soiling plastic before touching.
  • Avoid touching plastic to maintain its vibrant colourfulness.
  • Powder coating can be wiped with a soft cloth if becomes greasy/dirty.